Friday, March 13, 2009

Political Breakfast?!

Today, after finishing two final papers, I had one of my rare breakfasts at the HOP. Little did I expect my dining area to be a political space. Conspiracy theorist(s) had a large sign up on a table in the middle of the Courtyard Cafe's dining area titled "Question 9/11" along with pamphlets. Three elderly people were seated discussing the supposed conspiracy.

Personally, as someone from the New York City area, the whole thing made me sick to my stomach after finishing my egg whites on a wheat wrap. But, regardless of your political views, I think most of us can agree that Dartmouth's dining areas are not a place for political groups to setup shop. Whether they're extreme fringe groups or not. I just wanted to have my breakfast in peace. DDS should do something about this.

This was not the first time either, I saw the same conspiracy table setup at least twice before at the Courtyard Cafe in the last month. It's private property, can't the administration kick them out? Or are they purposely choosing to look the other way?



and they wonder why dartmouth is considered apathetic and apolitical


umm, because dartmouth kids don't want creepy 9/11 truthers in the hop? right.


No, I agree with Foco Patron X. This is something that is not for Hop breakfast. If they want to speak out, fine - but number one they are creepy and many find their views extremely insulting. Furthermore, I support freedom of speech - but they should practice it in a more appropriate location if they must say these things.


Is the groups' undesired presence in the dining hall really that different from a political article about things in the Hop in a website I came to for the latest information on the FoCo cuisine?

Also, crazy people need to eat too.

FoCo Patron X

The difference is we pay exorbitant amounts to go to the college while this website is free - no guarantee regarding the worthiness of its content to your critical eyes is given. The college should guarantee that I can eat at its dining facilities in peace.

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